​Rental Process


Please be advised that for rent in a Downtown Toronto, condo rates will vary.
Here is a general idea of what you can expect:

  • check
     Bachelor Apartments:  $1,500​+
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    1 Bedroom Apartments: $1,900+
  • check
    2 Bedroom Apartment:  $2,700+
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    3 bedroom Apartment:  $3,500+


  • For most buildings, prices does not include hydro and parking may or may not be included. 
  • If available, parking is expected to be approximately $150 - $200 per month depending on the availability and demand.
  • Most Toronto rentals come on the market no more two months before they are available for rent (e.g. – an apartment will be advertised April 1st and be vacant June 1st).  
        If this time line doesn’t fit, then you are likely searching too early.
  • In a market like Toronto, time is of the essence. To maximize efficiency there are some buildings I don’t recommend. What some people may consider speed     
        sloppy/cutting corners, I have eliminated unnecessary steps/ to streamline the process without compromising the quality and execution of our transactions.
  • We will customize your search to the best of our abilities.

If you're ready to get the rental process started, please download the Rental Application below, fill out and contact us to
find you the right house or condo for rent.

Download Form Below

Credit Score:

An up-to-date credit report with score attached is required and can be obtained through a credit reporting agency such as Equifax (www.equifax.ca)
or Trans Union (www.transunion.ca).

​Income Verification:

An up-to-date employment letter stating your current position, length of employment, and monthly or yearly salary. If self-employed, most recent copy of NOA stating income. If self-employed, or unemployed proof of funds that are available now. 

Rental Deposit:

First and last month's rent is required once an offer has been accepted. This must be provided by either a bank draft or wire transfer issued within 24 hours upon acceptance of the offer.

* The following documentation is required for all Applicants in order 
to proceed with the rental process