About Etobicoke

Etobicoke is that perfect blend of city living and lush, scenic greenery. The views of Toronto are truly spectacular and the commute is as close as you can get without the hustle and bustle of city living. Generally Etobicoke is divdided into three (3) main neighborhoods: 1) The Lakeshore; 2) Central Etobicoke; and 3) North Etobicoke. Although mainly consisting of single family homes in the more Nothern parts of Etobicoke, major developments and condo buildings have gone up in the central and South parts such as Kingsway, Mimico, Long Branch, New Toronto and Islington/Kipling and Bloor area. It consists of large green spaces, lots of open fields and numerous parks combined with main street shopping and restaurants for a good balance of urban and rural living. 

Etobicoke Rental Market

Starting from Mimico, the gateway into Toronto's west-end lakefront communities, Etobicoke has a line-up of beautiful condos along the Lakeshore with stunning views of the water and city skyline. The Queensway, although considered to be in Toronto, is lined with several modest sized homes, perfect for started families and just a short and easy commute to Downtown Toronto.  If Downtown isn't your scene, you have abundant trails, boardwalks and Lakeshore cycling to enjoy along the waterfront which is just heavenly in the summers. Check out the rental listings in Etobioke below. 

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