About The Annex Neighborhood

Naturally, many University students, faculty, and alumni rent or own houses in the South Annex. The University population mixes well with the young urban professionals who have been buying and fixing up South Annex houses, giving these old houses new life, and in the process revitalizing this historic Toronto neighbourhood. Your neighbours are likely renting and enjoying the care-free lifestyle here in the Annex with everything at their fingertips. In this culturally diverse neighborhood, you'll find an array of restaurant options, tons of local shops and a vibrant nightlife. Although you might be situated next to a frat house, the area induces a certain level of charm and comfort amidst the beautiful tree-lined streets and roster of Victorian style homes in all shapes and sizes. 

About the Yorkville Neighborhood

Yorkville Village, although part of the Annex, definitely holds its own as a neighborhood. Here you'll find an array of shopping, restaurants, nightlife and people watching. Whether you're hanging out on the billion year old rock (made fro granite), or sipping a latte one of the several coffee shops, it is perfect for enjoying those warm summer days just people-watching. Space is at a premium, but you can;t beat the location and certain level of charm and energy you feel in this prestigious area. Located at the crossroads of Toronto's midtown and Downtown area, you can literally and conveniently go any direction you want. The area buzzes all year round with various festivals and events that take place on the streets. There are still a ton of rental units here and your neighbor will likely be a young, child-less professional or a starter family with a young child. 

Check out The Annex & Yorkville listings below.

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